Traditional Bathrooms: How to create a classic look

The traditional bathroom is as popular today as it has ever been thanks to the timeless aesthetic and elegant style it brings to your space. Perfect for retaining the charm of older properties or for those who just like a classic look. This guide will highlight the key features you should adopt if you’re aspiring […]

Tips for designing your downstairs toilet

Downstairs toilet

Your downstairs toilet may be the smallest room in your home but by no means is it the least important. We bet it sees more visitors than most of your other rooms in your home. All considered, the downstairs toilet is still often one of the most neglected spaces. Say goodbye to your dull and […]

How much does a new bathroom cost?

marble bathroom

Price is one of the biggest considerations when partaking in any home renovation projects and bathroom renovations are no exception to that. So how much does a new bathroom really cost? The average cost of a bathroom renovation, that includes materials and installation, is £7000 however this can be dependent on a number of variables. […]

6 steps to designing your dream bathroom

We know the process of renovating your bathroom can be daunting, therefore we have split it down into 6 easy steps on how to quickly and easily design the bathroom of your dreams.  Step 1: Evaluate your space The most important step when designing your dream bathroom is considering the space you have to work […]

Shower vs Bath: The right choice for your home

With the increasing popularity of walk-in showers and wetrooms over the last few years the number one question people are asking when looking to remodel is whether to ditch the bathtub altogether, replacing it with a walk-in shower. To help you with the shower vs bath debate we have outlined a few key considerations when […]

Designing your small bathroom

When it comes to bathroom design, there is no reason working with a small space needs to dampen your creativity, in fact, it’s quite the contrary. Small spaces require big creative thinking, here are our tips and tricks for designing your small bathroom space. Create the illusion of space with a light and bright colour […]

6 bathroom trends that are dominating 2022

Looking for the latest bathroom design trends to inspire your upcoming renovation? Look no further! Here are 6 top trends for 2022 that are guaranteed to give your new bathroom the wow factor it deserves. Matte Black Fixtures and Fittings We all know black never goes out of style. Adding matte black fixtures to your […]