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6 bathroom trends that are dominating 2022

Bathroom Trends

Looking for the latest bathroom design trends to inspire your upcoming renovation? Look no further! Here are 6 top trends for 2022 that are guaranteed to give your new bathroom the wow factor it deserves.

Matte Black Fixtures and Fittings

We all know black never goes out of style. Adding matte black fixtures to your bathroom is a great way of incorporating a black accent to your bathroom for a bold and contemporary aesthetic. Black fixtures are also family friendly and easy to keep clean.

Smart Bathroom Technology

In recent years smart home devices have become more common in the home. Smart bathroom technology brings convenience and luxury to your space and is guaranteed to make your morning routine much more enjoyable.

Create a Spa Aesthetic

To balance out the fast pace life we have all become accustomed to, we have started taking at-home wellbeing to the next level. Creating a luxurious bathroom design you’d expect from a spa or hotel is another key trend for 2022. Where possible invest in luxurious fixtures as these will really level up your space; and remember to prioritise relaxation by ensuring the space is clutter free. Finally, never underestimate the importance of aromatherapy.

Biophilic Elements

Biophilic design is another important trend when it comes to wellbeing- a design ethos centered around the health benefits stimulated by exposure to nature. Add natural elements to your bathroom through natural and sustainable materials such as wood, stone or cork and introduce greenery to your space with plants or living walls. 

Timeless White Marble 

Classic and timeless, white marble is well recognised as the most luxurious material used in bathrooms. Guaranteed to deliver a refined and sophisticated aesthetic it is unsurprising that white marble is here to stay. Marble can be combined with traditional or modern elements depending on the aesthetic you want to create.

All Green Everything

The interiors industry is obsessed with green right now, it’s a popular choice across all areas of the home with bathrooms being no exception. Green creates a sense of calm and rejuvenation, making it the perfect hue to occupy the space we retreat to for a touch of R&R. Tiles are a great way to incorporate green into your aesthetic, or alternatively you could keep your permanent fixtures more neutral and opt for some carefully selected green accessories and a fresh lick of paint to the walls.

Ready to bring the latest trends into your home?

At Dale Bathrooms we are well attuned to the latest interior trends. Whether you’re looking for a full transformation or something more subtle like updating your fixtures and fittings, we can help you create your dream bathroom. 

Our extensive showroom in Chadderton, Greater Manchester allows you to see over 150 of our stunning bathrooms in-situ and our helpful team are on site to advise you on anything you need. Why not call in for a look around?

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