Biggest bathroom trends for 2023


Whilst the bathroom isn’t always considered the most exciting space in the home, it is undoubtedly amongst the most used spaces, and a place we increasingly retreat to for calm and relaxation. More than ever homeowners are prioritising making it a space that not only looks great and but makes you feel great too.

From earthy tones to elegance and minimalism, here are some of the biggest bathroom trends we expect to see in 2023.

Earthy modern

Earthy inspired palettes are poised to be big this year. From soft beiges to tans, taupes, and browns, this inviting colour scheme is ideal for creating a layered look and will make even the most stressed-out person feel instantly relaxed.

Add natural elements like plants or rocks to your design scheme to complete the look of an earthy escape from reality.

Shades of white

White is timeless and beautiful, we all know that! And whilst neutral palettes will remain a popular choice in 2023 for simplistic design schemes, expect to see warmer hues that are enhanced and injected with drama through luxurious finishes like marble tiles, brass or gold hardware and statement mirrors.  

Simple shapes and clean lines

Less is more in 2023. Simple shapes and elegant lines create a space that is both calming and relaxing. Keep furnishings minimal but opt for quality. Choose either a moody or muted colour scheme and embrace natural materials like stone or wood to subtly incorporate texture and depth into your sleek bathroom space.

Seamless showers

Even in the smallest of bathrooms the seamless glass shower design gives you a sense of space and luxury, while also oozing quality, simplicity and style. Being easy to clean and maintain, makes this design trend a practicality win too.

Spa inspired baths

Bathrooms are now being considered a space of more than just functionality but a space of wellbeing too. Freestanding baths create a spa-like atmosphere and immediately set the mood for rest and relaxation. They also make a striking bathroom design focal point, elevating any space and exuding luxury.

Natural stone

As the desire to be surrounded by natural materials grows, natural stones will continue to be at the top of peoples wish lists when it comes to bathroom design, particularly clean line options like large format marble and quartzite. Natural stones not only represent luxury and quality but are easy to clean and maintain too.

Warming metallic

Warm metallics will be a hot trend for bathrooms in 2023. Incorporating brass or gold hardware into your scheme is a great way to create warmth and generate contrast against more neutral colour-schemes. Being highly versatile warm-metallics sit comfortably in almost any colour scheme and can be mixed with other metallics for a less uniform look. 

gold tap at sink

Luxe lighting

Don’t underestimate the importance of lighting in 2023. The use of well thought-out lighting can completely transform your bathroom, add allure and transport your mind to a place of complete relaxation. Think LED strips for ambient lighting or consider creating a focal point with a backlit mirror. 

We hope this article has guided and inspired you with ideas on how to create a beautiful and functional bathroom in 2023. For further bathroom inspiration call into our showroom to browse over 150 bathrooms at your leisure. No appointment necessary.

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