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Your Ultimate Guide to the Top Bathroom Trends of 2024


From earthy tones to elegance and minimalism, here are some of the biggest bathroom trends we expect to see in 2024.

Whilst the bathroom isn’t always considered the most exciting space in the home, it is undoubtedly amongst the most used spaces, and a place we increasingly retreat to for calm and relaxation. More than ever, homeowners are prioritising the bathroom for their next renovation project, making it a great space and making you feel great too.

Indulge in an Earthy Escape

One of the pivotal bathroom trends in 2024 is the alluring charm of earthy palettes. Dive into the soothing spectrum of beiges, tans, taupes, and browns to create a layered aesthetic that beckons tranquillity.

Elevate the earthy ambience with natural elements such as indoor plants or rock decorations, ensuring you’re enveloped in a relaxed escape every time you step into the bathroom.


Timeless Elegance with Shades of White

There’s a reason why white is perennially beautiful – it’s simply timeless. Staying a crowd favourite for 2024 bathroom trends, neutral palettes get a vibrant makeover with warmer hues. Complement the white palette with luxurious touches like marble tiles, brass or gold hardware, and statement mirrors to inject drama and sophistication.  

Minimalism Meets Quality in Design

In 2024, the bathroom design mantra is clear – less is more. Embrace simple shapes and clean lines to cultivate a serene and calming space. Opt for quality over quantity in a moody or muted colour scheme. Incorporate natural materials like stone or wood, which will subtly add texture and depth to your minimalist bathroom, enhancing its sleek appeal.

Luxury in Every Corner with Seamless Showers

Size doesn’t dictate luxury, and seamless glass shower designs prove that. Ideal for even the smallest of bathrooms, these showers offer a sense of spaciousness while encapsulating simplicity and style. Add to that their ease of cleaning and maintenance, and you’ve got one of the most practical bathroom trends in 2024.

Wellbeing and Style with Spa-Inspired Baths

The bathroom’s role is no longer just functional; it’s a sanctuary for wellbeing. Freestanding baths offer a spa-like atmosphere, instantly promoting rest and relaxation. As a striking focal point, they amplify the luxury factor, placing this trend high on the 2024 bathroom design list.

Experience Luxury with Natural Stone

The allure of natural materials is irresistible in 2024’s bathroom trends. Natural stones, especially large-format marble and quartzite, continue to top wishlists. Representing luxury, quality, and ease of maintenance, these stones transform bathrooms into spa-like spaces.

Turn Up the Heat with Warming Metallics

In 2024, bathrooms are about to get warmer. Expect the popular trend of incorporating brass or gold hardware into your bathroom design. This technique creates a warm ambience and stark contrast against neutral shades.

With their versatility, these warm metallics can blend into almost any colour scheme and mix well with other metallics, offering a less uniform, more dynamic look.

gold tap at sink

Illuminate Your Space with Luxe Lighting

One of the transformative bathroom trends of 2024 is strategic lighting. Cleverly planned lighting can reinvent your bathroom experience, fostering a relaxed environment. Consider LED strips for ambient lighting or a backlit mirror to create a focal point, significantly enhancing your bathroom’s allure.


Smart Bathrooms

The wave of smart home technology is making its way into bathrooms, making them more intelligent and user-friendly. Features like automated lighting, digital shower interfaces, and voice-activated mirrors enhance convenience and efficiency.

Sustainable Design

As sustainability awareness grows, expect bathrooms that incorporate recycled materials, water-saving fixtures, and even plants for natural aesthetics and improved air quality.

Bold Color Schemes

Moving away from the classic, neutral tones, bold and vibrant colours are splashing the bathroom design scene. Whether it’s a daring accent wall or colourful tiles, these vibrant additions add a touch of personality.

Open Shelving and Compact Storage Solutions

Open shelving, not just a storage solution but also a decorative element, is gaining popularity. Meanwhile, compact storage solutions like built-in niches and under-the-vanity storage help optimize space, particularly in smaller bathrooms.

This comprehensive guide to 2024’s top bathroom trends offers an inspiring foundation for your next renovation project.

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