Designing your small bathroom

Small Bathroom Design

When it comes to bathroom design, there is no reason working with a small space needs to dampen your creativity, in fact, it’s quite the contrary. Small spaces require big creative thinking, here are our tips and tricks for designing your small bathroom space.

Create the illusion of space with a light and bright colour scheme. Light walls are more reflective, which help maximise natural light and make your space feel bigger and more open. For a warm and soothing look opt for warm neutrals, alternatively, for something more cool and stylish opt for a light grey with a blue, green or purple undertone.

Dark and Moody

Or move in the total opposite direction and add depth by opting for a saturated colour scheme combined with strong and ambient light. Add metal accents throughout like gold, brass or brushed metal, these will catch the eye against the dark walls and bring a sense of opulence across the space.


Large mirrors create the illusion of a bigger space and can make even more budget friendly bathrooms appear expensive and luxurious. If it compliments your chosen scheme you could opt for a light up mirror, adding a subtle glow to the space and creating a modern and minimalistic focal point.

Glass Shower Doors

Step away from the shower curtains! Glass shower doors are key to opening up your space and making it appear bigger and more roomy. You could even take it one step further and scrap the door altogether, converting the space into a wetroom instead.

Tiles Everywhere

Considering tiles for your small bathroom could be a great move. As well as providing easy maintenance and durability, tiles have great potential when it comes to giving the illusion of a larger space. Unbroken lines make any space appear bigger so opting for small ceramic floor to ceiling tiles is a great way of streamlining your aesthetic. Bring even more depth to the space by incorporating the same tiles across the bathroom floor and into the shower too.

Floating Shelf

Aside from being very much on-trend, floating vanity shelves are a great space saver for your bathroom. Floating shelves help keep your bathroom floor clear which generates the feeling of a larger space. They are also a good way of incorporating extra storage into your space, helping to keep your bathroom clutter-free and looking its best.


Effective storage is your best friend when you’re working with a small space. Create closed storage spaces to tidy away all those things you don’t want on show as well as as embracing creative storage ideas to dress your space with visual items, like bath bombs and customised toiletery bottles. A clean and organised space naturally appears bigger.

The size of your space doesn’t need to dictate the impact of your space. At Dale Bathrooms we have beautiful and functional solutions for bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. Get all the inspiration you need with a visit to our showroom.

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