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6 steps to designing your dream bathroom

Bathroom Design

We know the process of renovating your bathroom can be daunting, therefore we have split it down into 6 easy steps on how to quickly and easily design the bathroom of your dreams. 

Step 1: Evaluate your space

The most important step when designing your dream bathroom is considering the space you have to work with. How big is it? Where are the doors and windows situated? Are there any awkward alcoves that could affect the design? These things shouldn’t necessarily be considered problems or obstacles, infact in some instances these can enhance the space. Eg that awkward alcove becomes the perfect storage hub, or that window creates an impressive focal point for the space, however it’s important for them to be considered from the start to ensure the space feels well considered and put together.

Step 2: Prioritise your ‘essentials’ and ‘nice to haves’

Now you have evaluated the space you have to work with you can consider your needs and wants. When designing your bathroom some products are of course essential, such as your toilet, sink and shower or bath whilst others are somewhat less essential but desirable in order to improve your bathroom experience, your bathroom aesthetic and make it the space you’ve been dreaming of. Prioritise these items so you know exactly what you want to achieve with the space.

Step 3: Select your style 

The next step is to select your style. There are so many styling paths you can go down to create a beautiful bathroom. Bright and airy? Dark and moody? Traditional and classic? Opulent and luxurious? Minimalistic and modern? The next step is to select an aesthetic that aligns with you. Check out our blog on the 6 bathroom trends that are dominating 2022 for inspiration on how to style your bathroom.

Step 4: Establish a focal point

The key to any beautiful bathroom is a well designed focal point. A feature or item that immediately draws your attention and acts as a visual anchor point, pulling your entire aesthetic together. Examples of good focal points include a wall of high impact tiles, a beautiful light fitting, a statement bathtub, or a large mirror. Once your focal point has been established you will be able to build a more balanced interior around it.

Step 5: Select your products and finishes

Once you know your focal point for the space and the style you’re looking to create, you can streamline the products and finishes available down to those that work with your aesthetic, making selection much easier. Opt for a retailer with a large showroom where you can see a wide selection of products from a variety of manufacturers. At Dale Bathrooms we have over 150 bathrooms on display to allow our customers to see the products available in situ. 

Step 6: Installation

Now it’s time to bring your vision to life. When you’re investing your time and money into creating the perfect space it’s important to make sure that the installation quality matches that of the products you are putting into it. Reach out to a trusted installer or ask for a recommendation from your supplier. At Dale Bathrooms we offer a supply and fit service to our customers relieving our customers of the stress of completing their renovation. Our expert installers deliver the finest installation to make sure every bathroom looks its best from day one.

Ready to bring your bathroom dreams to life? We can help you work seamlessly through this process from evaluating your space to completing your installation. Book an appointment to chat through your requirements with a member of our knowledgeable and friendly design team now.

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