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Shower vs Bath: The right choice for your home

Shower vs Bath

With the increasing popularity of walk-in showers and wetrooms over the last few years the number one question people are asking when looking to remodel is whether to ditch the bathtub altogether, replacing it with a walk-in shower.

To help you with the shower vs bath debate we have outlined a few key considerations when deciding which is the best fit for you.

How much space do you have?

Of course the dream would be to have a space big enough to hold a bath and a luxurious shower… because everyone loves to have options, right? This isn’t necessarily realistic for the typical UK household though and people are having to opt for one in order to accommodate their space. Whilst there is a trend towards larger and luxurious showers they do typically take up less space than a bath would therefore if saving space is a priority a compact shower would be beneficial.

What type of lifestyle do you lead?

Probably the most important consideration, which fits in better with your lifestyle? Bathing can be very time consuming and not something that fits into the average person’s busy schedules, if this sounds like you it could be worthwhile ditching the tub in favour of a more luxurious shower experience for a better return on investment. Alternatively if you’re all about wellbeing and making time for that all important Sunday evening soak, giving up that ritual could be something you sorely miss. Why not keep the bath and even enhance the experience by upgrading to a whirlpool tub instead. Alternatively scrap the walk-in shower and opt for a combination unit for the best of both worlds. You can still enjoy a long luxurious bath but have the option of a shower when you’re short on time.

Who will be using the bathroom?

Who is going to be using the bathroom? Are there any special requirements you need to consider when thinking about who is going to be using the space. For example, if young children are going to be using the bathroom, a bathtub would be the most suitable solution as they are ideal for bathing and playing. Equally if elderly people, or people with mobility issues are going to be using the space a walk in shower makes a much more practical choice as they will be able to easily walk in and out of it.

Is adding value to your home important?

If you have future plans on selling or renting out your property, it’s important to get the right balance between having a space that works for you, and ensuring you don’t make decisions that devalue your home. Studies have shown most people prefer to have the option of a bath, especially if you’re appealing to families, and therefore ideally you would want to have at least one bathtub in the home.

Have you worked out the on-going costs?

When making your decision on whether to opt for a bath or shower, it’s also worth weighing up not only the immediate cost of the bathroom materials and installation but also the ongoing water usage costs. Showers typically use considerably less and therefore should be considered a more economic alternative.

Shower or bath, whichever is the right choice for your bathroom, at Dale Bathrooms we can design, supply and install it for you. We have a huge portfolio of options from freestanding baths, whirlpool baths, shower tower panels and more. Call in to our showroom to browse our collection of over 150 bathroom displays and explore what options are available to you.

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