Different solutions for different needs

We recognise that not all bathroom requirements are created equal! To better serve you, we have solutions for the most common types of bathroom.


Product Supply Only:
Our supply only service is available for when you have your own fitters. We will advise and help you along with suitable products. We will also deliver all your products to site and provide the Manufacturer Guarantee’s. With Buying your goods from Dale bathrooms you can be reassured that if you have any issues or need any spare parts further down the line we will be able to give you the best after sales customer service and provide you with any spare part or information you may need.
Full Bathroom Refit with same layout:
The most popular bathroom redesign is a complete replacement of all items and keeping the existing layout or making small layout adjustments, such as expanding a shower by reducing the bath size, or eliminating a bath completely.
Full Bathroom Refit with new layout:
Many bathrooms benefit from a new layout that can reduce wasted space, provide more/better storage, improve functionality, and/or expand the bathing space.
Our design team work with you to envision new ways to redesign the bathroom space to meet your requirements. Once we have a new layout defined, we provide all the expertise for a full redesign.
Partial Bathroom Refit:
Many homeowners have a bathroom that may only need the bath or shower area redesigning -- either eliminating the bath and replacing it with a walk-in shower or updating the bath / shower area with new products, i.e. shower valve or bath taps.
We can help you select products, provide CAD drawings for design layouts and plumbing placement, manage delivery of products, and coordinate all activities throughout to the completion of the project.

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