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Tips for designing your downstairs toilet

Downstairs toilet

Your downstairs toilet may be the smallest room in your home but by no means is it the least important. We bet it sees more visitors than most of your other rooms in your home. All considered, the downstairs toilet is still often one of the most neglected spaces. Say goodbye to your dull and dingy downstairs toilet with these effective design tips.

Avoid clutter at all costs

Clutter in any space can make it unattractive and feel cramped, but it’s even more noticeable when there isn’t much space to begin with. Therefore prioritise storage and make sure everything has a home. This will not only make the space appear more attractive and organised, it will also improve the flow of the space and make it more practical. Such as access to replacement toilet rolls and toiletries for guests when they run out etc.

Open up the space

Illuminating mirrors are perfect for opening up your small downstairs toilet. The reflective surface makes the space appear bigger, lighter and brighter whilst the glow from the LED light adds to the aesthetic and provides a subtle focal point to the design

Don’t be afraid to be bold

Small spaces give you the opportunity to be creative. Bring personality and drama into the space with striking wallpaper, tiles or a strong paint choice. Ensure the theme is extended across the rest of the interior finishes such as complementary brasswear and accessories for a cohesive aesthetic.

Create space

Keeping floor space clear is a great way of creating the appearance of space, therefore consider opting for wall hung furniture. If you’re working with a really small space, take advantage of compact furniture or even combination units that accommodate easy movement in and out of the space. There are lots of compact options available that will make your space look great whilst also serving you functionally.  

Comfort is everything

When designing your downstairs toilet it’s common to prioritise space saving, which is incredibly important, however don’t forget the importance of making sure the space is comfortable and inviting to guests and family members too. There is nothing less welcoming than a chilly bathroom. Consider incorporating a slim radiator or a heated towel rail into your design as a stylish way to maintain a toasty and comfortable environment throughout the winter months. 

Why settle for bland and boring when it’s so easy to make your downstairs bathroom beautiful. Designing a beautiful and practical downstairs toilet requires effective use of space and early consideration of design. At Dale Bathrooms we have an extensive range of products that will enable you to make the most of your space, and an impressive showroom for all the design inspiration you need.

If you incorporate these tips into the planning of your downstairs bathroom renovation, your new space will be a pleasure to use and is guaranteed to be a talking point amongst guests.

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