Traditional Bathrooms: How to create a classic look

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The traditional bathroom is as popular today as it has ever been thanks to the timeless aesthetic and elegant style it brings to your space. Perfect for retaining the charm of older properties or for those who just like a classic look. This guide will highlight the key features you should adopt if you’re aspiring to create a traditional bathroom. 

Clawfoot freestanding bathtubs

Clawfoot bathtubs were a mark of social standing and luxury in the early 19th century and are now a signature piece in any traditional bathroom aesthetic. Opt for either a single ended freestanding bath, designed so the taps are positioned at one end of the bath or a double ended freestanding bath where the taps are located in the middle. Freestanding baths require more space than alternative solutions but if you have the space they are an ideal addition to your traditional bathroom.

Timeless tiles

Patterned wall and floor tiles are timeless, durable, practical and a great option for your traditional bathroom. Depending on your preferred aesthetic both wood and stone tiles can be incorporated into bathroom or alternatively opt for a classic Victorian patterned tile in a shade that complements your chosen colour scheme.

Style with a cistern toilet

For the ultimate traditional bathroom aesthetic a traditional cistern toilet is a must. A truly authentic look can be easily achieved with either a high or low level cistern toilet, depending on what works for your space. There are an assortment of style options available including classic white, vintage brass and polished metal, giving you even more design flexibility to create the bathroom of your dreams. 

Select a beautiful basin

Another bathroom furniture item that needs to be considered is your basin. There are many beautiful basins variations that complement the traditional aesthetic including pedestal basins, vanity basins and console basins, you just need to choose the look that works for you. If you’re short on storage we would recommend a vanity option whilst if you’re trying to create the appearance of more space a pedestal basin is a great choice. 

Radiators and towel rails

Your choice of bathroom radiator is an important decision when creating your traditional bathroom. Whilst it delivers an important functional service in terms of creating a warm and inviting space, and drying out used towels, it’s also an important design feature in your bathroom. Opt for a classic style column radiator or a traditional heated towel rail for a classic look.

Authentic period style fittings

The fixtures and fittings you choose for your traditional bathroom are essential for creating the right finish across your space. Traditional style fittings nostalgic of the Edwardian and Victorian era are typically soft and curved in appearance and sometimes feature cross head valves. Opt for a polished chrome or brushed brass for a genuine match.

Make the most of original features

if you’re lucky enough to have a home that’s already full of character and has original features like exposed beams or an old fireplace, make these a focal point in your scheme. Alternatively you can create your own features and focal points like panels.

The perfect colour scheme

A neutral colours scheme is the most representative of a truly traditional bathroom. Consider beiges, greys and soft pastels for a timeless and beautiful aesthetic that will work with the softness of your period style furniture.


Traditional bathrooms represent luxury, quality and character so it’s no wonder the traditional bathroom aesthetic is as popular today as ever before. At Dale Bathrooms we supply an extensive range of trustworthy brands, like Thomas Crapper and Burlington Bathrooms, designed specifically for creating a classic look, which can be both supplied and fitted by us.

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